Bidule88: An 8088 Experiment

I've always wanted to build a computer!

-- Myself.

My Bidule88

Table of Contents

Done and documented

Part 01: Introduction
Part 02: It runs!

Todo (or write)

Order not guaranteed. This is more some kind of guidelines for myself than a real plan to follow.

Part 03: I/O and a small LCD
Part xx: IRQ, reacting to the outside world
Part xx: Serial connection, maybe keyboard
Part xx: The PIT, Programmable Interval Timer
Part xx: A Real-Time Clock
Part xx: How about trying to implement DMA?
Part xx: Time to write a BIOS
Part xx: A graphic card?


There are several web pages that helped me understand how to start, and that are wonderful sources of information. In no particular order:


"Bidule" is an informal French word that could roughly be translated to thingy, thingummy, thingamajig, thingamabob, ... At least for sure, it is a thing.