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  1. An End-Grain Cutting Board

    jeu 01 octobre 2015

    For my father's 60th birthday, I made an end-grain cutting board.

    Cutting Board

    It's made out of walnut and maple and took me some serious hours of work!

    Pictures are here if you want to see the making of, but don't expect a real build log. Some steps are ...

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  2. Parcels arrived

    lun 22 septembre 2014 | tags: Blog

    Today, two parcels arrived.

    The first one is a hard cover copy of The 8088 Project Book by Robert Grossblat. It seems that it is a reference on the subject, I'm eager to start reading it. Stay tuned for more Bidule88 posts in the future!

    The second one is ...

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  3. Bidule88 Part 02: It runs!

    jeu 18 septembre 2014 | tags: Bidule88

    First achievement with Bidule88: it is actually running some code that I've written and uploaded into its EEPROM! Here is the result:

    The parts are connected as described on Homebrew8088 except that the EEPROM I ...

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  4. Bidule88 Part 01: Introduction

    lun 08 septembre 2014 | tags: Bidule88

    Several months ago, while casually browsing the web from link to link, I ended up on the Veronica project page. I've played with computers for some years now, but never thought I'd ever be able to actually make one. That is, until I read Quinn's posts. Granted ...

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